About Us

Who are we?

Weblynx is an online college that has been created by practising experienced graphic and website designers to teach graphic design and the art of business to individuals who wish to explore their creativity and turn their creativity into a rewarding and independent career or change their professional direction.

Working closely with students, we act as mentors in a stimulating, encouraging and positive environment to foster and harness their creativity while providing accessible and fulfilling professional training and skills to deliver competent and creative designers who understand software and associated technology.

Students who successfully complete our courses should graduate with sound designer and management skills and confidence in their ability, creativity and business acumen.

We aim to train the kind of graphic designers that we love to work with!

Who do our courses suit?

Weblynx College Courses foster independent, flexible learning and are contoured to fit wide-ranging student needs, enabling them to complete modules in their own time at their own pace. Our courses are designed to fit creative people who wish to apply their creativity professionally. They are non age or gender specific and students can live in the city, the country or anywhere in the world, provided they have online access and rudimentary computer skills.

Accessibility is one of our main priorities, and to qualify for any of our courses students do not have to have completed Secondary schooling or provide a portfolio of work. They only need to have the desire to learn and reasonable communication skills. The one exception is that we require children 16-18 to provide written parental permission.

We envisage that the majority of our students will fit several categories.

  • Some will be female, of child-rearing age, women who find themselves at home raising young children, time poor and looking to develop a stimulating career that they can balance with family responsibilities.
  • Others may be slightly older, female or male working full or part-time and bored with their current position.
  • Others may be young people who have either dropped out of or just completed school.
  • Or they may be people whose work requires them to perform graphic skills.
  • They may also have completed study in fine arts and looking to apply their creativity and learning commercially.

Whatever the situation, most of our students are artistic and many may not have had the opportunity to pursue their creative interests previously. They are highly motivated, creatively inexperienced and time poor and will respond well to the supportive and encouraging environment that Weblynx College offers.