Designing for Print & Print Management

Welcome to the creative, inspiring and satisfying world of professional graphic design!

This informative and practical short course will teach you to think not only about your designs but how they will be applied to maximise their impact. 

It has been written specifically in response to feedback from our print providers who advise that many graduates and graphic designers do not understand how to design for and prepare and send their artwork for print.   

Students study at their own pace in their own time, so ultimately it depends on how often you work on it. We estimate that studying part time and putting in a few hours a week should see you completed well within the prescribed four to six weeks. Studying full-time should substantially reduce that time. Up to you!

What you will learn in this course

  • history of paper 
  • types of paper 
  • choosing the right paper for different purposes
  • creative effects and finishes
  • printing with colour
  • commercial print processes
  • commissioning and liaising with printers and 
  • delivery of artwork for printing.

Students who successfully complete this course and who wish to further their training in our Graphic Design Diploma course will be accredited and discounted accordingly.

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Fees & enrolment

N.B. To complete this course you will need access to the Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop applications.

Course Fee

Payment in full
$ 365
in full
  • Total cost AU$365


“I really enjoyed the course, I enjoyed learning, and even though I have been working in Print for fifteen years I learnt a bunch!

This course will very much fill a void in the current curriculum, as it is very practical and clearly explains everything about print process. We see a lot of designers coming straight out of university who do not know even the simple things such as how to prepare artwork for print. Even when we explain it to them they don’t understand why…

This course contains information that most graphic designers have to learn on the job, so to have it available for the students at their initial introduction to design is a real plus.

The WebLynx College Print Management course really pushes the importance of print in todays society. It is informative, clearly written and very easy to follow.

Understanding commercial printing processes is essential to good design and the Print Management component explains this well.

For students to learn so early in their training all about designing for print goes a long way to create great designers and help to avoid client disappointment, especially as most of the issues that printers encounter are associated with lack of knowledge and clients expecting something that is not possible with the materials chosen.

From a manager’s perspective I find that the segment on print and print management hits the nail on the head, and everything that your WebLynx College mentors say is correct – I guess that is why we have such a good relationship!

The course covers ethics and integrity well, especially in encouraging development of respectful and professional supplier/designer/client partnerships.

The training provided on delivering artwork for printing is spot on!”

“The print module was absolutely invaluable. Knowing how to present my finished work to a printer so that they have everything they need, and all the colours and finishes are accurately added and specified is something that will help me build great relationships with the printers I use. This is a module which really stuck out so far for me as getting ‘job-ready’.”