Maudi…an inspiring movie about resilience and creativity

Maude Lewis

To inspire you…

At the recent Sydney Film Festival we saw ‘Maudie’ a fictionalised Canadian biopic of Maude Lewis, a Nova Scotian folk artist who rose above her pain filled and impoverished existence by painting vibrant and joyful paintings that are fast becoming collector’s items.

Following her creative burn, Maudie’s resilience and drive helped her to overcome any obstacle in her path. Her broad smile and sunny nature belied her tough and often sad life which was reportedly much darker than the movie portrays.

She lived with her miserly husband in isolation in a tiny cottage without running water or electricity and painted on any surface that she could find; she painted on furniture, windows, internal and external walls of her home, scraps of cardboard and wood.

As her chronicler, Lance Woolaver says,  ‘born with sloping shoulders and her chin near her chest, the diminutive artist suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that caused her hands to become severely gnarled as she aged. Physically every painting was a struggle. I think she enjoyed painting this bright little dream world, it certainly wasn’t the world she lived in.’

Whatever…we can all learn something about doing what you love from Maude’s story! I can only encourage you to take the time to extend yourself and explore your creative potential; and have fun in the process.

You can read more about Maude here: https://www.artgalleryofnovascotia.ca/maud-lewis

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