Our Course Overview

Our courses are relevant, industry-specific, affordable, non-accredited and portfolio oriented.

In the Professional Graphic Design Diploma course you will graduate with a strong portfolio which is highly regarded within the industry and which, along with aptitude is a major factor influencing employers when choosing graphic designers and freelancers.

Our ‘Certificate‘ and ‘Short‘ courses consist of sections or modules from the full diploma course.

Students who successfully complete our ‘Certificate’ or ‘Short’ courses and who wish to further their training in our Graphic Design Diploma course will be accredited and discounted accordingly.

Professional Graphic Design Diploma

Diploma Course

Professional graphic and website designers, design studio managers and educators, we have developed Weblynx College Graphic Design Intensive Online Course in response to our experience in hiring design school graduates in our busy practice. 

Graphic Design

Certificate Course

Graphic Design Skills is a certificate course that has been developed by trained and experienced graphic and website designers, professional educators and design studio managers to foster the development of skills essential to graphic design.

Designing for Print & Print Management

Short Course

  • History of paper 
  • Types of paper 
  • Choosing the right paper
  • Creative effects and finishes
  • Printing with colour
  • Commercial print processes
  • Delivery of artwork for printing.

Branding & Logo Design

Short Course

  • Logos and branding
  • Designing Corporate Identities
  • Choosing fonts and applying colour
  • How to create illustrative logos
  • Applying the design process to logos
  • Designing marketing collateral, letterhead and business cards.

Advertisement Design

Short Course

  • Advertising in the marketplace
  • Contemporary advertising
  • Layout and design
  • Print advertisements
  • Design creative advertisements
  • Applying the design process to advertisement design

Designing Brochures

Short Course

  • Designing to promote
  • Choosing the right stock
  • Brochure size and folds
  • Creative brochure design layouts
  • Developing creative effects
  • Developing good work habits
  • Designing creative brochure layouts

Multi-page Documents

Short Course

  • Layout design
  • Applying design process to multi-page document design
  • Finishes for multi-page documents
  • Production of multi-page layouts
  • Designing magazine layouts
  • Preparing files for printing

3D Packaging Design

Short Course

  • Designing to sell
  • Product positioning and packaging design
  • Regulation of packaging and labelling
  • Applying design process to packaging and label design
  • Applying type creatively

Newsletter Design

Short Course

  • The role of newsletters
  • Visualising and designing newsletters
  • Creating reader-friendly newsletters
  • Creating legible layouts
  • Developing tables and table of contents
  • Managing newsletter design

Business of Graphic Design

Short Course

This course is designed to equip graduates and students with the knowledge, understanding and skills essential to negotiate a busy workplace with confidence.

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