Professional Graphic Design Diploma

Welcome to our creative, inspiring and satisfying world of professional graphic design!

As professional graphic and website designers, design studio managers and educators, we have developed Weblynx College Graphic Design Intensive Online Course in response to our experience in hiring design school graduates in our busy practice. 

In it we hope to cover the gaps that we have encountered as we share with you our knowledge and experience gained from successfully working in the design industry and education across thirty years. 

Our main aim is to foster the creative development of aspiring graphic designers while providing the understanding, knowledge and software application skills essential to the profession.

We also aim to provide you with a fun and enjoyable learning experience in a supportive environment, mentored by experienced working professionals who value individuality and creativity.

You may study at your own pace in their own time, so ultimately it depends on how often you work on it. We estimate that studying part time and putting in roughly eight hours a week, i.e. an hour or two five or so days a week should see you completed well within the prescribed twelve to twenty-four months.

Studying full-time should substantially reduce that time. Up to you!

What you will learn in this course

  • Joining The World Of Graphic Design
  • Layout Design Basics
  • Understanding Typography
  • Developing Professional Layouts
  • Creative Typography
  • Colour and Design
  • Designer Practice and Process
  • Designing for Print and Print Management
  • Introduction to Drawing and Illustrator Basics
  • Working with Images – Photoshop Basics
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Designing Marketing Collateral
  • Designing Advertisements
  • Designing Brochures
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Book Layouts
  • Newsletter Layouts
  • Packaging Design
  • Developing and Marketing Your Own Brand

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Fees & enrolment

Enrolment in the Professional Graphic Design Diploma includes an annual administration fee of AU$300 to cover the cost of course administration and access to resources. You may pay for the course in full or via the 5 or 10 month payment plans outlined below.

N.B. To complete this course you will need access to the Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop applications.

Option 1

Payment in full
$ 3250 in full
  • Total cost AU$3250
  • Includes annual administration fee of $300

Option 2

5 month payment plan
$ 695 per month
  • Total cost AU$3475
  • Includes annual administration fee of $300

Option 3

10 month payment plan
$ 370 per month
  • Total cost AU$3700
  • Includes annual administration fee of $300


“From a current student prospective, completing the Professional Graphic Design Diploma through Weblynx College is incredible. This college is fantastic! From day one, there was instant communication without having to wait more than only an hour for a response. Additionally, there is direct communication between the student and one primary mentor. This helps the student greatly as it provides them with a reliable mentor who has knowledge of your achievements throughout this course as well as providing relevant information for both current and future modules.

Furthermore, the Weblynx website is very appealing while maintaining a simple, easy to use navigation system. It is very consistent in its design which helps the students to navigate with ease as well as being visually appealing. Additionally, the information on this website for The Professional Graphic Design Diploma Course is very reliable and relevant with hyperlinks and attachments that work instantly. The information directly relates to this particular course and starts with the basics in order to cover every aspect of graphic design. It provides the students with a subscription of LinkedIn which are a series of videos/tutorials that relate to every aspect of graphic design. Weblynx allows for both beginners and self-taught designers to master the fundamentals of graphic design while building their skills in the right way to ensure maximum achievement.

I am finding this course very enjoyable and interesting. It is exactly what it states it would be and provides professional insight into the world of graphic design. It is captivating as the assessments are all very diverse with both written and practical components and contains relevant information prior to each assessment to aid you in its completion. Each module assessment is also written in easy to follow steps and provides the students with how heavily each part of the assessment will be weighted in marks. I find this very helpful as it allows me to manage and plan the different parts of my assessment and the amount of time that should be spent on them.

This course enables me to build my graphic design skills in a welcoming and comfortable environment with access to a very supportive and knowledgeable mentor. Currently, I am a third of the way through my course and I am loving every second of it! It is exactly what I love doing and provides me with the essential knowledge to continue to build my future in graphic design.”

“This is the first diploma I have done online, as I really needed the convenience to study when and where it suited my busy life. Being able to fit in an hour of study whenever I can has made my journey to certification so much easier.

I found the course website very easy to use, and when I was getting set up and logging in to the courses for the first time, the steps were simple and easy to follow. I reached out to my Mentors, Helen and Steve, for support while I was getting used to how everything worked, and their responses were fast and very friendly. I’ve always felt I could email at any time and get a helpful response.

The way the coursework is presented is really engaging, with very knowledgeable and expert presenters on video, really thorough articles on various aspects of each topic, and links to industry organisations, blogs and design communities for me to join and explore. 

The course is set out in easy to follow sections, each one concentrating on one concept, system or topic at a time, then linking everything together at the end. For example, the print module was absolutely invaluable. Knowing how to present my finished work to a printer so that they have everything they need, and all the colours and finishes are accurately added and specified is something that will help me build great relationships with the printers I use. This is a module which really stuck out so far for me as getting ‘job-ready’. 

Each module requires an assessment to be presented at the end, demonstrating that the topics covered have been understood. I really found the instructions for the assignments clear, and the feedback constructive and speedy. I’m very much enjoying the course, and know that I will be referring back to my notes for ever. The detail included is so relevant for every aspect of creating good design, that I cannot think what I would do without it.”