Our Manifesto

Design is our business and our business is design

We are the next generation of design educators…
with a different structure and a different way of thinking.

We are WebLynx… an online school
that is devoted purely to supporting and sharing
the business of design.

Communication is central to everything we do.

We believe in creating opportunity.

We believe that life is about fulfilling potential and
we believe that happiness and fulfilment accompany productivity.

We are devoted to good design because we believe that
good design and innovation make this world a better place.

We believe that young is a state of mind.

We follow our imaginations and are always thinking,
always dreaming, always problem solving.

And we embrace technology as our tool.

We believe in encouraging transparency and authenticity.

We celebrate individuality.

We believe that creativity comes in many forms and
that everyone is creative…somehow.

We also believe that learning is very personal
and that people learn in different ways.

We encourage our students to be curious and brave,
to open their minds and hearts to new things
and to seek out change,
to be inspired,
to always push the envelope
and to dare to be different.

We encourage our students to listen and learn,
to trust their instincts
and to develop an eye for design,
to stand out from the crowd.

We also encourage our students to enjoy what they do
and to always strive to make things better because
we believe that the future belongs to those who challenge and change the present.

We will guide and support you throughout this journey.

Design is our business