The Business of Graphic Design

Welcome to the business of graphic design!

The Weblynx College Business Of Graphic Design online course is a short course that has been developed by trained and experienced graphic and website designers, professional educators and design studio managers. This course is designed to equip graduates and students with the knowledge, understanding and skills essential to negotiate a busy workplace with confidence.

In it we share with you the cumulative knowledge and experience gained from successfully working in the design industry and education across thirty years, and aim to foster the creative development and business acumen of graphic designers by providing knowledge and skills essential to our burgeoning profession.

We also aim to provide you with an enjoyable learning experience in a supportive environment, mentored by experienced working professionals who value individuality and creativity.

Students study at their own pace in their own time, so ultimately it depends on how often you work on it. We estimate that studying part time and putting in roughly eight hours a week, i.e. an hour or two five or so days a week should see you completed within four to six weeks. Studying full-time should substantially reduce that time. Up to you!

What you will learn in this course

  • Designer Practice and Process
  • Designing for Print and Print Management
  • Developing and Marketing Your Own Brand

Students who successfully complete this course and who wish to further their training in the Graphic Design Diploma course, will be accredited accordingly.

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Fees & enrolment

N.B. To complete this course you will need access to the Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop applications.

Course Fee

Payment in full
$ 490
in full
  • Total cost AU$490