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A Little About the Authors and Your Mentors

Helen and Steve Jones

Helen Jones and Steven Jones, own and manage a highly successful boutique graphic design studio in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

Established in the early 1990s, Highland Creative, formerly Highland Graphics is a multifaceted design studio that caters for clients throughout Australia. In keeping with their desire to put something back into the industry that has been kind to them, they recently created a parallel business, WebLynx, incorporating WebLynx College, an Online School specialising in Design.

WebLynx and Highland Creative take an holistic approach by working closely with marketing departments to fulfil client design requirements – from website design and production to branding and identity design to promotional items, signage to packaging and advertising, to displays and books.

Steven is one of the rare breed of creative technicians while Helen is an accomplished educator, manager and freelance writer.

As a member of the Australian Graphic Design Association, Steven keeps up with current trends while maintaining contact with other graphic designers. Their combined experience is complementary and diverse, each is highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields and creative in their own right. Both understand the complexities, rewards and pitfalls associated with establishing and maintaining a creative career.

A graduate from Sydney College of the Arts and holding a Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Design, Steven’s initial training in design was manual. With the advent of computers, he quickly realised the value of technology in design and embraced the challenges that computerised design brings, mentoring clients and other designers along the way. Steve is an accomplished ceramicist and potter in his spare time.

Highland Creative’s portfolio may be viewed at: